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Activated Carbon grains have comparatively large size but with many pores in each grain thus increasing the BET surface area many times as compared to normal conductive carbon available.

The main possible functions of carbon additives to negative plate performed in HRPSoC cycling have been summarized by P.T. Moseley

(1) Enhancing The Overall Electrical Conductivity Of Nam.

(2) Restricting Lead Sulfate Crystal Growth.

(3) Absorbing Excess Charge Current As A Capacitor

(4) Reducing The Hydrogen Over-potential And Thus Facilitating Hydrogen Emission.

  • CAS number 7440-44-0 Activates Carbon


Product Molecular Weight Grade Chemical Formula Mfg Date Batch No
Activated Carbon 12.00 JORTEC- W250 C APR 20180 0719
Properties Standard Result
Appearance A Black, light powders free from grittiness,practically insoluble in all usual solvents. Passes
MB Value 250 mg/g 256
Ash 4 %max 3.87
Iron (ppm) 200 %max 193
Acid Soluble 2 %max 1.72
Water Soluble 1 %max 0.81
Moisture 10 %max 9.56
C1 & SO4 To pass the test Passes
pH 6.0 – 7.5 6.98
Particle Size 98% Passes through 100 mesh Passes
Surface Area 1000M2/GM
Iodine Value 900MG/GM
Mesh Size 90% Passes through 100mesh

Storage Stability Under cool,dark & dry condition product remain stable for several years

Compatibility JORTEC- W250 are compatible with anionic and non ionic materials dispersants, wetting agents and most organic and inorganic materials

Packaging Powder is packed in 20 kg net bag/drum.

Lead Time Two weeks lead time is typical.

Safety Data Sheet Available on request


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