Tetracure is tetra basic lead sulphate based curing compound launched by Saraswati auto allied It is well known for material, operational and time cost saving and well appreciated by battery plate manufacturers all around the world

  • CAS Number 12065‐90‐6


Properties Spec Actual Remark
Melting Point > 250 ºC N/A N/A
Flash point > 250 ºC N/A N/A
Auto-Ignition > 300 ºC N/A N/A
Vapour Pressure (20º c) < 1 (100 ºC) mbar N/A N/A
Specific Gravity (20º c) 6.4 - 7.2 g/ml 6.9 g/ml OK
Lead Content(free lead) w/w 2.0 - 5.0 % w/w N/A N/A
Tetrabasic Lead Sulphate Content 95.0 - 98.0 % w/w 97.2% OK
Solubility (20º c)
Water Solubility Insoluble Insoluble OK
Fat solubility Insoluble Insoluble OK
Lead content as PbO 95% typical, 90% minimum
Median particle size 1 & 2 microns typical
Moisture content 0.3% maximum
Colour White to light yellow

Storage Stability Under Dry conditions, powder Products remain stable for several years

Compatibility TetraCure is compatible with anionic and non ionic materials dispersants, wetting agents and most organic and inorganic materials

Packaging Powder is packed in 50 kg net polymer drum.

Lead Time Two weeks lead time is typical.

Safety Data Sheet Available on request


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