SCOTTS PG-10 is a low surface area natural graphite with good electrical conductivity to reduce electrode resistivity. Sufficient purity reduces the gassing and self discharge in battery. Double layer capacitance of Scotts PG-10 improves charge acceptance in battery.

  • CAS Number 7782‐42‐5


Formula Carbon
BET surface area 9.6
Oil absorption number ( gm/cm3 ) 165.8
Bond strength (N/mm2 ) 9.2
Flow rate (sec /50 gm) 35
Ash Content 3-4 %
Moisture 0.5 % max
Crystallinity (nm)
Lc >162
c/2 0.3356
Particle Size Distribution ( Microns )
Laser Malvern
D10 2.3
D50 6.0
D90 10.0
Density (gm/cm3)
Scott 0.06

Storage Stability Under Dry conditions, powder Products remain stable for several years

CompatibilitySCOTTS PG-10 are compatible with anionic and non ionic materials dispersants, wetting agents and most organic and inorganic materials

Packaging Powder is packed in 15 kg net weight polypropylene drum.

Lead Time Two weeks lead time is typical.

Safety Data Sheet Available on request


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